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Steps to make A4 paper

All about setting up an A4 paper production line

In the A4 paper production line, the work of the factories is not the same. Every factory uses different technologies according to the date it was established. Another thing that affects the arrangement of production line devices is the type of output paper. All these items determine the arrangement of devices in the A4 paper production line. In this article, we will review all the items in the A4 paper production line. So stay with us.

Introduction of industrial equipment in A4 paper production line

1- Pulper machine for pulping
2-Cleaner device
3- Turbo Separator device
4- Pressure screen device
5- Packaging machine

A4 paper production line steps

1- Preparing raw materials
2-Decolorization and bleaching of fibers
3-Making paper pulp by refining
4- Shaping the paper in the paper machine
5- The final operation after paper production
6-Sharing pack packaging

1- Preparation of raw materials in A4 paper production line

It can be said that almost most paper factories import A4 pulp in bulk and unrefined pulp sheets. These imported pastes are rough and in the form of white boards and molds. Imported pastes are mixed in water using chopped wood and other waste materials using a large mixer. Hence, a mixture prepared for refining is created. Some large mills may combine the A4 pulp section and the papermaking section in the same environment and eliminate the drying step. The methods are different according to the materials used and also the paper that wants to be made. Most of the characteristics of paper are determined according to the characteristics and quality of consumables, as well as their processing time before reaching the paper machine.

2- Decolorization and whitening of A4 paper

After cleaning the raw materials thoroughly, the prepared cellulose is mixed with a lot of water in the machine. The fibers that are needed are produced after decolorization, which is in the form of white and soft pulp. If these works are done in the compounding tank and the necessary refining is done on it, then the pulp is ready and can receive bleaching materials and color additives and enter the paper machine. The mixer gives the dough the necessary resistance for the papermaking process. Then the solid additives are poured into the mixing tank and the necessary liquids are added to it in continuous measurement and at different stages. If the mixing machine is not used to prepare the dough, first the volume of the dough is halved by the kneading machine, then the necessary strength is given to it before entering the paper machine.

3- Dough making machine

The preparation of A4 paper fibers, which is traditionally prepared by pulping machine, has a great influence in determining the final properties of the paper. The semi-prepared dough is placed in the dough machine and passes through its heavy rotating blades. The blades of the machine can be adjusted according to the type of their performance on the dough. They use slower and more widely spaced blades to prepare light pulp.

A4 paper pulp should be kneaded in the machine for a longer time to make its fibers stronger. The purpose of these works is to produce fibers with special characteristics and the required length, in addition to crushing and shrinking the fibers. In this part, other additives such as food, bleaching and coloring materials and glue are added to the desired dough. The obtained dough is placed in the tank of the machine and the required water is added to it. The dough obtained in this part is called “more dough”.


Currently, in the A4 paper production line, refining machines have replaced pulping machines. The refining part is equipped with special conical blades. Unlike the pulp machine, there is no tank in these machines and the refining part works at the same time as the paper machine. In one or more steps from the mixing section, the pulp is transferred to the refining section. In this part, the pulp is temporarily stored and then it is directed to the paper machine. Before the pulp is introduced into the paper making machine, its impurities are removed.

5- Paper making machine in A4 paper production line

The pulp is passed through the filter section and the knots of wood and unpasteurized materials are separated using a net. In this part, the paper is 99% water and 1% pulp. The water in the dough is taken by passing through the net. As the conveyor belt moves forward, the pulp fibers are connected to each other by vibration. The width of the paper in this part can reach from 2 meters to 9 meters in small machines. In paper machines, the work speed is different; But it reaches 80 km/h. Modern machines can produce 40 tons of paper per hour. Currently, most modern papermaking machines are computer controlled. Operators can make necessary changes and control different steps using computer systems.

After various other operations on the paper, dyeing machines can be used to prepare dark papers. By creating a light color on the paper, the final color finish is done. Glazing of paper can also be done in the paper machine; For this purpose, special parts are used in the dryer.

Finishing and cutting A4 paper

A4 paper polishing is a process that makes the surface of the paper uniform. With this process, the paper is prepared for its final stage. In this part, the paper is passed between smooth rollers to remove the unevenness of their surface.

Quality control in A4 paper production line

One of the important steps in the production line of A4 paper is its quality control to check the final product. In this section, A4 paper sheets are checked by machine or manually to confirm the product’s grammage, color, etc. under control.

Paper packaging with fully automatic machine

Copy Printing Paper - Code 0093

After cutting and bringing the paper to the desired size, the cut papers move to the packaging machine automatically by the conveyor belt and are automatically packed, and here the factory label and paper specifications are already printed on the cellophane. will be exhibited.

Putting the packages inside the cardboard box

At this stage, the packages are placed in groups of 5 by the conveyor belt, where the carton box is placed and they are prepared to be placed on the pallet.

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