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Zero to one hundred production of glossy paper

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glossy paper

Glossy paper is coated (coated) paper, which is designed for different purposes, such as making the appearance of the paper shiny, to having a very smooth surface. There are many different types of glossy paper available in the market.


For a long time, glossy paper, which was mostly used in magazines, was made from a white clay called kaolin. The name kaolin is taken from a place in China called Cao-Ling. This place has mines from which Procelain is harvested. Proslan refers to glass and white ceramic products, both glazed and unglazed, which are used for technical purposes. This paste was used to fill the space between paper fibers and paper surface coating to prepare a smooth and shiny surface. This makes the paper suitable for photo production, especially color printing. Kaolin is used in other ways (for example: as an additive in paint and plastic and in pharmaceuticals), but it is mostly used in the paper industry. Of course, this may change in the near future. It seems that a big step has been taken in the direction of using cheap calcium carbonate.

The US state of Georgia, as the world’s largest producer of kaolin, has expressed concern about the decrease in material reserves. For this reason, kaolin is sometimes called white gold.

Kaolin contains high levels of destructive uranium and thorium, which makes it more radioactive than regular paper in cases where glossy paper is used, such as magazines. The amount of radioactive activity of one or two magazines is not so much that it can be easily measured, but one truck of them may have a significant amount that can be seen in the monitor and radioactive index.

Glossy paper is measured in two ways:

1) Paper that looks good. Characteristics such as color, lightness, smoothness, and opacity are compared to the appearance of the paper

2) Paper with proper printing. In properties such as ink absorption, ink pigments are comparable.

In order to achieve the best of these properties, kaolin is combined with other materials such as: calcium carbonate, bentonite, talc and … etc.

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Preparation and arrangement: Najla Ajram


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